Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ketua Polis Minta Maaf?

Makin lama makin besar kepala dema ni. Azmin minta ketua polis Ampang supaya memohon maaf kepada beliau sebelum beliau mengambil tindakkan undang undang kepada pehak polis. Azmin mendakwa polis telah menganggu majlis di pusat perkhidmatan beliau pada 25hb yang lalu.

Perhimpunan aman yang di aturkan bertukar menjadi kelam kabut apa bila polis masuk dan membuat provokasi pada malam itu. Azmin juga kesal bahawa polis menganggu ketenteraman keluarga beliau. Setelah menyerahkan notis kepada shamsidah sepatutnya polis beredar tetapi polis terus menunggu di hadapan rumah beliau. Apakah notis itu perlu di segerakan sehingga tidak boleh di hantar pada esok hari?, tanya azmin lagi.

UMA: Yelah tu Min. Undang undang negara kat tangan kamu semua. Saman Min, jangan tak saman. Menteri KDN pun tengah bercadang nak saman nuar. Kita tenggoklah siapa yang kena!

Azmin demands apology from police for disturbing the peace

By Melissa Chi

SHAH ALAM, March 28 — PKR deputy president Azmin Ali demanded an apology from Ampang’s police chief today for disrupting a function at his service centre on March 25.
“The gathering was peaceful and organised but it became chaotic when the police started to come in and provoked the peaceful function.
“My lawyers will send a notice tomorrow to the Ampang OCPD (Ampang Officer in Charge of the Police District) to demand for an apology and an explanation and if ignored, we will continue with legal actions against the police,” he told reporters after the first state assembly session here.
Azmin (picture) was supposed to meet with the police today to give his statement over a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) function held at his Gombak service centre.
The PKR Federal Territories’ Twitter account last night stated “@AzminAli has to report to the police station tomorrow, concerning no permit for 25/3 gathering. Sources say he might be arrested.”
It is understood that Azmin has spoken to the Ampang police chief and rescheduled his meeting with the police as he had to attend the Selangor state assembly opening session this morning.
The March 25 PR function in Taman Melawati, Gombak turned ugly when policemen attempted to stop Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from speaking, resulting in an angry mob attacking the police.
Anwar, who was the last speaker for the night, had spoken for 13 minutes when the police intervened, as the PKR de facto leader was only given 15 minutes to speak.
“The notice served to me did not mention the reason for the investigation and they did this in a rash manner.
“The notice under Section 111 served to me late last night, was dated November 26, 2011. that means the police are too efficient that they have served the notice eight months early,” the Gombak MP said sarcastically.
He linked both of Anwar’s sodomy case to his, claiming that procedure did not go chronologically, proof that the allegations were planned well ahead.
“I was informed that there were three cars, one patrol car and two private cars came to my house to serve the summon on me but after they delivered the summon they stayed on and stationed right in front of my house and again I think this is a form of harassment and intimidation against my children and the family. Once you’ve served the notice why must you station in front of my house?
“When I came back at about 1 something [in the morning], they are still around and for what purpose? My colleagues from Batu Caves and also Hulu Kelang, they received their notice at 2:30 in the morning. Why can’t they issue the notice today or this afternoon? What is the hurry?” he said.
Azmin was at a PKR meeting at the Hotel De Palma, Ampang, late last night, after the launch of the party’s fund raising campaign, at the same location.
“I question the way this was handled; as if I was a criminal. Why do they need to serve the notice in such a manner that there were elements of harassment and intimidation against me and my family. They came so late at night. They can’t wait until today to serve the notice. Why are the police acting so unprofessional?” he said.
Azmin demanded that the Home Minister to take responsibility for the police “unprofessional” actions.
When asked what legal actions will be taken against the police, he said his lawyers are still looking into it.
“The lawyers are looking into it. One, I think is trespassing and secondly, they have acted beyond their limits and powers because they have no rights to enter. This is a private premise, it is my office, you know, my service centre. They should not come in and disrupt our programme that evening,” he said.
Azmin said his lawyers will most probably submit the first notice by tomorrow morning.

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